Cutters II

Cutters II

A couple of more “cards” from the tarot sequence. The first incorporates some imagery of carnival, juxtaposing the festive aspects with the back-breaking work of sugar cane cutting. In the second I superimposed the workers and cane on stars in the dark sky. To me … Continue reading

Character Sketch



Yes. That was literal.
For months I’ve had an overwhelming desire to visually represent some of the characters and events in the novel I will likely continue to work on for eternity. (Months ago, I shared the idea with my friend Josh, who was so encouraging he should’ve had a bullhorn–thank you for the encouragement, Josh!) I don’t know what or if anything will come of this exercise but it’s been a good way to figure out exactly who these fictitious folks are and what they’d look like if they really existed. It’s been an uncomfortable process because, you know, virtually nothing about this novel has been pleasant. 🙂 Still, I seem to be compelled toward the interdisciplinary and lately I’ve been asking myself,
Why not?