Sunday Best

IMG_5432 I fell in love with the image of this girl instantly but it took me several weeks to build up the nerve to use it to work on my shading technique. The photograph is from the booklet that accompanies Batey Mosquito, a documentary that made its way to me via a friend of my amazing friend Josh. I actually drew this about six weeks ago. Though I was pleased with the outcome (yay!), I was even more overwhelmed by how much I felt like a thief (boo). I hadn’t worked off of a photo I’d taken. How dare I use other’s work for my own purpose! Of course, that’s not only the way we learn, but it’s how, if we’re lucky, we arrive at something new. I want to get to the place where I’m not keeping “columns” of judgments about myself, where I’m not tallying the pluses and minuses. I know the place of simply doing–simply being–exists because I’ve touched upon it, if briefly.


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