This was a quick one done after reading that scientist Peter Wadhams is predicting the complete loss of summer sea ice in the Arctic by 2015-16. Whether Prof. Wadhams’s timeframe is correct and the region is ice-free in three or four years, or whether it takes decades as others have estimated, most experts agree that, as a result, we will be dealing with the increased effects of climate change. The U.S. and China, among others, have recently sent representatives to Greenland to position themselves in the Arctic oil race so that we can continue to pump CO2 with minor regulation into our world. It seems to me that in plumbing the ocean depths to meet our insatiable need for oil, we’re focusing on the wrong substance. How about the powers that be use the same level of dedication and urgency to curtail the melting ice caps and prevent–or at least slow–the release of methane into our atmosphere? Yes, this is simplistic, but we keep missing the wake up call.

In any event, below are two of this blog’s familiar figures. This is one I think I’ll revisit and spend more time developing.The bear’s got issues!


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